The Truth About Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a type of body relaxation exercise which is practiced by many people. This involves processes that help the body to achieve pleasurable feeling which aids the body in achieving healthy growth. The main aim of this massage is pleasure and relaxation although sensual massage can bring sexual arousal and orgasm. However, this type of massage involves real touch on body sensitive parts rather than physical penetration. Having that in mind, you ought to know that this type of massage is not offered in the local places, but mostly in the massage parlors and other beauty and massage shops in cities. Check out to get started.

In this massage, the male manhood is called lingam while the female genital is referred to as yoni. In case you want to have such a massage, it is advisable to plan and make prior decisions whether you will fall naked or not. A nice tantric massage will automatically render you naked which will aid your body to heal. For those shy people who feel embarrassed showing their yoni or lingam, they should try to cover them a bit. But if it's your spouse or side chick, you can opt to go it that way which will yield more pleasure.

In the process of tantric massage, ensure you put of gentle songs. Then start working on your love. Ensure they lie on their back raising their yoni or lingam for you. It's advisable to advise your lover that although there will be no penetrative sex, they will get real satisfaction sexually. It is also wise to pick the best lubricants. The result will be that your yoni or lingam will get the best massage as well as your body. Visit for more info.

When massaging the yoni, you should pour some oils on the lips and start massaging them up and down. Ensure that your lover gets enough of massage. Let them check what you are doing, meaning you should maintain eye contacts with them. Also, don't forget to give a sensual massage to the inner lips of the Yoni.

For lingam massage, advise your lover to lay their body and support their head to see you massage them. First, apply some oils to his whole body and start rubbing him gently. Try to avoid the area of lingam to make him feel the pleasure first. Massage the testicles and the area around the pubic hair. Don't forget to massage his anus. Since the lingam needs special care, ensure you gently and sensually massage him until he groans for more. In case of the signs of orgasm, let your lover relax and take deep breaths. The final result will be ejaculation which will mark his climax.